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David WatsonDavid Watson – Sr. Editor
+61 2 8434 2150

David has been with the team for quite a while now. Thanks to his experience in the healthcare sector and work at an NGO, he is the person who we trust when we cover the news in the health domain. He also covers various segments from the healthcare sector like, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology. He is the brain behind Market News Live and is the chief editor. Besides being a geek, he loves playing badminton and chess. You can get in touch with him

Michael KindleMichael Kindle – Editor
+61 2 8434 2150

Michael has been in the journalism field for over four years. He has a good knowledge of the business sector. He has a bachelor’s degree in business and analytics and is well informed about the marketing industry. He prefers to focus on energy, finance, raw materials, capital goods, and the world economy. You can get in touch with him

Carl Cater – Author and Contributor
+61 2 8434 2150

Carl is an associate author at Market News Live. Before joining the Market News Live team, he was working as a software engineer. His love for perusing something worthwhile in life has forced him to leave the 9 to 5 job and do what he loves – Journalism. He covers all the technology updates that happen worldwide and the person who we believe has the potential to excel beyond limits. You can get in touch with him

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