Android Apps Are Sending Data to Facebook without Consent, Says Report

It’s no secret that Facebook has been collecting various types of data from users, using the application, web cookies and other methods. However, a recent report is claiming that Facebook is collecting data from users who do not have a Facebook account. The report was made and published by an organization named Privacy International and it had analyzed a number of apps to find if Facebook was involved in data collection.

According to the end-results, it was found that 20 out of the 34 tested apps were sending data to Facebook. This process was happening just after the user opens the particular application, regardless whether the user has an account on Facebook. According to what the report says, the data consists of a unique Google ads ID, which Facebook can then use for building profiles of the person so that ads can then be targeted.

The problem here is that none of these apps is requesting consent from the users before sending the data to Facebook. This process happens even if the user has turned off the option to get personalized advertising on their device. The report also added that certain apps are noted for sending important and sensitive info to Facebook servers, thereby compromising the overall security of the user.
Privacy International had tested around 34 applications from different categories and more than a noticeable majority is shown to have this data-sharing trend. For instance, Kayak — a popular app for fare aggregation — is found to have sent data related to flight searches and the in-built details to Facebook so that further ads can be optimized.

It needs to be noted that device profiling cannot be done when the personalized ads option has been turned off by the user. Apparently, however, neither Facebook nor the complicit apps are concerned about the privacy of the users.

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