Apple Might Soon Start To Build iPhone XS And XR In India

As per reports, Apple will start to build their most expensive phones, which include the iPhone X, XS along with XR in India, starting from next year. There would be an assembly of devices taking place at a plant in Sriperumbudur, which will be operated by a controversial tech manufacturing firm known as Foxconn. Apple has had problems in gaining a foothold in the region where the company has faced a slowdown in sales along with an executive exodus.

This will not be the first venture for Apple towards manufacturing in India.
The Company had started off towards assembling the iPhone SE and 6S within the borders of the country back in the year 2017. They have not yet managed to make much of an impact with the devices, which belong in the low-end category. It has been really hard for Apple to bring back their higher-end devices into India due to a very high amount of tariffs imposed by the Government of India on all the smartphones, which get imported. As a way to negate all these costs, Apple would make their iPhone X line of devices within the country, rather than make an attempt to import all those devices.

Apple hols market share of around 13 percent all over the world. As per the report put by Bloomberg earlier in the year, Apple has a much lower share of the market in India. In this country, they only have a market share of two percent. They have managed to make a move little lesser than one million devices in India, during the first six months of this year, i.e. 2018. So basically, if this fact is kept in mind, then expanding their lineup will most probably not go on to make things any worse than what it has been.

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