Tesla Will Release Their New Service Schedule From Mobile App Next Week

The fleet of Tesla is growing at a rapid pace. Now, with this rapid growth, the company will require to handle a much greater volume of service requests. For this reason, they are turning to their mobile app for assistance. As of now, the owners of Tesla can make use of the mobile application to do a number of activities. They can lock as well as unlock the cars, control the settings of the climate and some more basic functions. Of late, Tesla has been adding up certain new capabilities to the mobile application. They include the ability to push for the software updates in a remote manner right into the vehicle along with a message inbox. During this week, the company has also added the option to start off with their pre-heating seats as well as the steering wheel from the application.

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has said that they will even make a further addition to the mobile app. The additional feature will be with regard to one’s ability to schedule an appointment for the service, right from the application as early as next week. The automaker has even claimed that their mobile technicians can tackle more than 80% of the issues that crop on the vehicles of Tesla. For that, they need not even have to bring the cars to a service center. A Tesla Mobile Service Unit has been seen to change seats in a Model S on site.

Earlier in the year, Tesla had said that the mobile service was already responsible for 30 percent of the service jobs in North America. They have been carrying out modifications on Model S vehicles in order to use them as a vehicle for mobile repairing and in turn expand their fleet of mobile service. Elon Musk said that the automaker making service and parts, their prime concern after they manage to figure out deliveries. He also said that the lack of service coverage for Tesla in certain regions was somewhat foolish oversight and the automaker does plan to have a major expansion of their service centers.

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